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Are you a self-employed, independent consultant? Are you looking for part-time or full-time employment? Most of all, are you tired of working with recruiters who don’t follow through with their promises? Looking for a new job can often be a frustrating, time-consuming search. Many recruiters use your resume to fill their database, and never contact you again.

Don’t be just a number; talk to the recruiters that care about your future, and want to place you in the position that’s exactly right for you. We re-define the job search experience with one-on-one interaction, continuous contact throughout the hiring process, and resource support.

Don’t suffer through this process alone; use our expertise to market yours!

Simply register online to start the process. You’ll be matched with one of our skilled Recruitment Managers so we can learn more about you and answer any questions you have. And then the job search begins. It’s just that easy.

We are ready to customize your job search and give you the attention you deserve – but first, you have to drop us a line. Don’t be shy – we are looking for people just like you!